Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Transport proposed stricter punishments and higher fines for traffic violators, especially illegal street racers.


Vietnam, traffic violators, illegal racing
The police to confiscate vehicles to ensure safety.

These new regulations are contained in the draft decree concerning road and railway traffic offenses.

The decree states that those who illegally organise motor vehicle and animal races will be fined between VND30 and VND40 million (USD1,400-1,900).

Spectators who cheer and incite the racers, resist police efforts or interfere with investigations will also be subject to fines of between VND4 and VND6 million.

The racers themselves will faced with fines of between VND10 million and VND20 million, while the car racers may be fined VND20-30 million.

The licenses of racers could be revoked for 24 months and their vehicles confiscated.

Illegal racing has been a pressing problem in both Hanoi and HCM City. In an attempt to ease the problem, local authorities proposed to toughen sanctions on people who violate traffic laws such as confiscation of vehicles, and even mandatory public labour.

Other violations, such as riding a motorbike by pushing it along with one’s feet, performing street stunts like wheelies would be subject to fines of between VND5 million and VND7 million.

Source: DTriNews

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