Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

President Truong Tan Sang has pledged to make proper changes to policies
to support fishermen, especially assistance in travel and petrol costs,
and shipbuilding to help them generate higher income while safeguarding
national sovereignty over seas and islands.

talking with fishermen in Ly Son island district in central Quang Ngai
province on April 15, Sang urged them to uphold solidarity going
off-shore fishing as it takes them days, even months, away from the

He suggested local fishermen clearly locate the
coordinates where they will fish and thoroughly apprehend international
regulations and laws related to fishing grounds.

Participating fishermen have expressed their wish for a policy that is
exclusively designed for fishermen encountering risks at sea.

According to them, the Party and State need to protect their
legitimate right to work at the fishing grounds which belong to
Vietnam ’s sovereignty, and the marine police must work to support
fishermen’s operation.

Many recommended the State
promptly invest in a frozen seafood processing facility as well as
allocate capital to bring electricity to the island district.

By vivian