Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – Hanoi’s traffic police officers who have a pot-belly, undersized and speak improperly will be arranged to do paperwork, not having contact with people.


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The Hanoi Police Agency has made several provisions to gradually improve the image of the traffic police forces on the street.

An official of the Hanoi Police Agency says that the 8-step roadmap will help change the image of traffic police officers in the capital. The use of female police officers and arrangement of pot-belly policemen to do paperwork is the first step.

According to Colonel Dao Bay Thang, head of the Hanoi Traffic Police Department, the policemen who are undersized and have pot-belly will be assigned to handle office work instead of guiding traffic and handling of traffic violations. “This has been implemented by some countries, such as Thailand, India …,” the colonel said.

The traffic police teams in Hanoi are reviewing their members to make the list of police officers, even the young ones, who have big waists.

Colonel Thang adds that all traffic police officers who work on the road must check vehicles publicly and they are not allowed to hide themselves to snatch traffic rule violators.

“We have set up 5 inspection groups to monitor the behavior of the police officers. The teams have detected and handled 23 cases of violation and three policemen were suspended from road patrol to do paperwork,” Thang says.

The Chief of the Traffic Police Team No. 14, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Trong Thai says: “I support this policy. Traffic policemen while performing duties on the road must properly behave. In addition to strengthening intellectual and professional skills, they also need to strengthen physical training.” Thai says that his team does not have any officer with a pot-belly.

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