Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has asked southern Binh Duong
province to continue paying due attention to building the Party, in
particular at businesses.

Inspection over the exercise of
criticism and self-criticism among local Party members, which have so
far numbered 31,000, needs to be constantly intensified, Trong stressed
at a working session with Binh Duong’s key officials during his visit to
the locality on April 13.

He praised the unity and high
determination the Binh Duong provincial Party’s Committee has shown in
its leadership and instructions to carry out the Party Central
Committee’s big ideas.

Binh Duong has been quicker than other
southern localities in terms of industrialisation and urbanisation
thanks to its efficient usage of geographical position, land, and
especially human resources.

That the industries having to date
contributed to 62 percent of the locality’s GDP and the per capita annum
income hitting 44.2 million VND in 2012 would turn Binh Duong into an
industrialised province by 2015, five years ahead of the country’s set

The province has to date received an investment capital
of 107.6 trillion VND, registered by more than 13,900 local investors,
and over 18 billion USD, pumped in 2,100 projects by foreign investors.

Export turnover in 2011-2012 fetched to 22.4 billion USD.

was pleased to see initial outcomes of the locality’s social welfare
programes, which have so far provided houses for 13,700 low-income
earners and poor people, and target to assist 164,000 other low-income
earners and workers to afford their homes.

In the morning of the
day, the Party leader made a tour of the Binh Duong Garment MTV Company,
the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, the Binh Duong
industrial-service-urban complex, the provincial administration-politics
area, and Eastern international university.

As the fastest
growing and most successful industrial park in Vietnam, VSIP I is
catering for 240 investors worldwide with a total investment capital of
2.1 billion USD and generating jobs for more than 70,000 local people.
VSIP II has drawn in 129 foreign investors who have come up with 1.4
billion USD and created jobs for nearly 24,000 locals.

international university provides training courses at request of
businesses, aiming to meet the province’s human resource needs to secure
sustainable socio-economic development.-VNA

By vivian