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New app allows bus passengers to plan trips

A new app aims to help commuters navigate Hanoi’s sprawling bus system, while a smart bus operation centre will collect data about vehicles’ timeliness and traffic violations as part of a larger plan to improve bus service in the capital city.

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The smart bus operation centre manages the work of 92 routes with more than 1,000 buses. 

The Hanoi Transport and Services Corporation (Transerco) on Thursday launched the operation centre and the app at for smart phones. 

The operation centre, which runs 1,000 buses on 92 routes, will use global positioning system (GPS) technology to gather information about each bus’s movement through traffic, said Nguyen Hoang Trung, general director of Transerco. 

Over time, centre staff will analyse the data to make changes to routes and service as necessary.

The smart software system also aims to increase safety by alerting supervisors when buses violate by traveling the wrong route, speeding and not being on time.

The new technology will also share data with customers in real-time through electronic notice boards at stops, helping them see when to expect their bus.

Beyond the notice boards, the new software, available in English and Vietnamese, allows customers to get transit updates on their phones. 

The app helps passengers find the best bus routes for their chosen departure point and destination and view different route options, bus schedules, ticket prices and procedures to buy monthly tickets.

Vu Van Vien, director of the Hanoi Department of Transport, said that Hanoi has been actively researching ways to reduce traffic jams, including improving public transit and limiting personal vehicles. 

The new technology is one component of this broader effort.

Vien praised the smart bus operation centre and the software. 

He said they will improve the bus services’ quality and also contribute to making Hanoi a smart city, with public services connected to the Internet for data collection purposes.

If Hanoi builds roads and improves infrastructure but does not apply up-to-date technology in transport, it will not be able to resolve traffic jams sustainably, he added. 


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