Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

The National Assembly’s specialised deputies generally approved of the
drafted revision of the 1992 Constitution, especially the leading role
of the Party laid out in Article 4 of the constitution.

At a conference in Hanoi on March 13, some deputies added that the
article should make clear that the Party and its organisations and
members must operate under the framework of the Constitution.

NA’s Law Committee Chairman Phan Trung Ly said that Article 4 suited
the goals of the people and the leading role of the Party affirmed by
the nation’s process of construction and protection, as well as the need
for reform in leadership.

Deputies also debated
parts of the draft related to private ownership, human rights,
governmental mechanisms, national election councils and State Audit.

Some deputies said that the Constitution should establish a set of
guidelines for organising local governments, both urban and rural.

Deputy Tran Du Lich from Ho Chi Minh City said that the State
administration should be arranged into three levels (national level,
provincial level and city level) rather than the current four levels.

Many deputies backed the draft’s proposal to add three independent constitutional institutions into Article 10.

Deputy Chairman of the NA’s National Defence and Security Committee
Tran Dinh Nha said that the Constitutional Council will be an essential
mechanism for supervising the legislative activities of the National

“Some NA laws might contradict the
Constitution. In that case, the council will suspend those laws and ask
the NA to correct them,” said Nha.

He also proposed
establishing a National Corruption Prevention Committee under the NA
that will take responsibility for serious corruption cases or cases
relating to foreign factors.-VNA

By vivian