Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The National Assembly Standing Committee convened its 15th session in
Hanoi on February 25 to prepare contents relating to law making,
operation renewal and external affairs for the fifth meeting of the 13th legislature.

Following the opening session, the committee
members discussed changes to the ordinance on the management and use of
weapons, explosives and supporting tools.

examined the scheme to renovate the aide apparatus of the law-making
body and reviewed the implementation of the committee’s resolution on
functions, tasks and structure of the NA Office.

Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said in the two-day event, legislators will
deliberate differences in opinions relating to the anti-terrorism bill,
and a draft law on amendments and supplements to a number of articles
of the Law on Residence.

They will comment on the Government’s
report on Government bond-sourced capital allocations for 2012-15 and
2012 for urgent projects of the ministries of transport and
communications, public health and agriculture and rural development as
well as the report of the Supreme People’s Court, which asks for
supplementing its jury with new members.

The legislators
will give opinions on the Vietnam National Assembly’s hosting of the
General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).-VNA

By vivian