Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung has affirmed that the
traditional ties between Vietnam and Poland during the last six
decades are the firm foundation for the two sides to boost their
cooperation in all fields.

During the talks with
Speaker of the Polish Lower House (Sejm) Ewa Kopacz on March 14 in
Warsaw, Hung said his visit aims to further step up the traditional
friendship and multi-faceted cooperation between the two countries and
legislative bodies to open up new prospects for bilateral cooperation.

Hung suggested that the two sides strengthen
experience exchange and help each other train experts in all areas, as
well as set up a direct links among businesses and localities of both

Regarding the two parliaments’ ties, Hung
expressed his hope that the two sides will foster cooperation and
delegation exchanges of all levels, as well strengthening connectivity
among professional agencies, particularly the two Friendship
Parliamentarians Groups.

The two sides should also
further promote the sharing of experience in lawmaking serving the
transition and international integration process, especially in amending
the National Constitution, he said.

He also recommended that the two sides strengthen coordination in multilateral parliamentary forums.

Kopacz said she believes Hung’s visit will make important
contributions to boosting links between the two nations and

She said the Polish Lower House
always wants to work closely with the Vietnamese NA to further improve
the efficiency of cooperation between the two sides.

The host also agreed with Hung’s proposal on further promoting the
exchange of delegations, sharing experience in legislation and
Constitution building, and supervising cooperation projects between the
two Governments.

After the talks, Chairman Hung and his
entourage laid a wreath in the Polish Lower House headquarters to pay
tribute to Polish parliamentarians who died during World War II and the
plane accident in Smolensk.

Before heading to
Poland, Chairman Hung had a meeting with President of the German
Federal Assembly Winfried Kretschman in Berlin.

He informed
the German host of the outcomes of his talks with President of the
German Parliament Nobert Lammert and key activities of the Vietnamese
legislature, especially in legislation, supervision and amendments to
the 1992 Constitution.

The two sides agreed to
continue boosting the ties between the two legislative bodies, work
closely at multilateral parliamentary forums for the common benefit of
the two countries, contributing to fostering the bilateral friendship
and cooperation.

Hung and other Vietnamese legislators attended the plenary meeting of the German Parliament as observers.

Poland is the last leg of NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung’s European
tour, which started on March 9. The tour included Russia and

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