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Monkeys destroy Ninh Thuan crops

Monkeys destroy Ninh Thuan crops

Farmers in Ninh Thuan Province are complaining about being attacked by wild monkeys who are also destroying their vineyards.


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People in Ninh Thuan Province have been attacked by wild monkeys

According to dozens of households in Khanh Hai Town, a group of seven monkeys often come to the houses located near the mountain. They eat the grapes, steal eggs and attack other poultry. When being chased away, they attacked the locals.

Each monkey is about 10-20kg and very aggressive. They have caused severe damage to grape farmers. The leader lost one leg and led the group to carry out the attacks in the early morning, noon or late afternoon.

For the current time, farmers were told to use loud noise to scare away the monkeys. However, this solution proved to be ineffective as the locals have been attacked by monkeys since October.

Duong Dinh Son, deputy head of Ninh Thuan Forest Ranger Unit told Thanh Nien News that those are long-tailed macaques, a species native to Ca Du Mountain. Son said it was difficult to try to move the monkeys to another location.

“We are conducting surveys and asking for opinions from related agencies on how to capture the monkeys and transfer them to Nui Chua National Park,” he said.

The forest ranger unit of Nui Chua National Park has also sent employees to Khanh Hai Town to identify the monkey species and find solutions to the problem.


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