Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Members of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association gathered in Hanoi on
March 26 to give opinions to the draft revised 1992 Constitution.

Participants at the event agreed with nine basic contents of the
amendment of the 1992 Constitution. They also showed their interest in
the freedom of speech and journalism.

After three
months of gathering opinions, the association has received over 400
comments to the draft revised 1992 Constitution.

the same day, the Communist Party of Vietnam ( CPV ) online newspaper
held an online dialogue, aiming to strengthen the popularisation and
communications on gathering citizen’s opinions to the draft amended

Themed “Mobilising the intellect of the entire
Party, people and army in building the Constitution,” the dialogue
attracted the participation of numerous scholars and state officials.

Deputy Minister of Justice Hoang The Lien said the
Committee on Drafting Amendments to the 1992 Constitution has so far
received nearly 15 million opinions to all contents of the Constitution,
mainly focusing on human rights, fundamental rights and duties of
citizens, political regime, economics, society, culture, education,
science, technology and environment.

Vietnamese have also paid attention to the draft amended Constitution
and given opinions, especially those regarding the role of the overseas
Vietnamese community, their contributions to the country’s construction
and defence and conditions for their promotion of national tradition and
cultural identity, said Le Minh Thong, Deputy Head of the National
Assembly’s Law Committee.

The dialogue was applauded
by readers with hundreds of questions focusing on basic contents of the
draft revised Constitution and the way to collect opinions.

highlighted the role the media plays in popularising the gathering of
opinions and encouraging people to give their opinions, while combating
attempt of hostile forces to distort policies and guidelines of the
Party and State.

Also on March 26, the Ministry of Home Affairs held a conference to give comments on the draft revised 1992 Constitution.

Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Thai Binh emphasised the necessity to
amend the 1992 Constitution, which will meet the requirements in the
period of national industrialisation and modernisation as well as
international integration.

Participants at the
conference agreed that preeminence can be seen in the draft amendments
to the Constitution, dealing with matters arising in the real situation
of the country after over 20 years of renewal, while strongly affirming
and broadening human rights.-VNA

By vivian