Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Civil Aviation Agency has sent a dispatch to airlines and airports in the country, giving a warning of a new weapon in the shape of an iPhone.


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Known as electric gun, this weapon can release a current up to 650,000 Vol. It can be activated and ready for use within just 2 seconds.

According to the dispatch, which was sent on February 19, the guns can be purchased easily from online shopping websites.

Photo: This type of weapon looks like an iPhone.

The Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration requires relevant agencies, especially the aviation security authorities to pay attention to timely detect this type of weapon during the boarding procedures.

The Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration concerns that if this dangerous weapon passes through border control, it can ruin the safety of flights and cause danger to passengers.

On online shopping websites, these guns are sold openly at the prices ranging from $139.99.

This product is in the shaped of the iPhone. On Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, the man who invented it explained that his iPhone was robbed on the road so he made an iPhone case that can release electricity to deter robbers and protect himself.

Na Son

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