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Hi-tech improves open transport

VietNamNet Bridge – Public ride government in HCM City has severely softened compared to 5 or 7 years ago, interjection to complicated technologies, experts say.

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A train picks adult passengers in HCM City. The city’s open ride government has softened compared to several years ago interjection to complicated technologies. — Photo: VNA/VNS 

Tran Chi Trung, executive of a Management and Operation Centre for Public Transport, pronounced that cameras and tellurian positioning complement (GPS) inclination had significantly softened train operations management.

Trung pronounced that organisation 5 or 7 years ago was finished usually during a commencement and finale points of train routes. Random, unannounced checks were mostly finished by a centre’s staff during that time as well.

But when a initial GPS inclination were set adult in 2012, organisation improved.

The centre staff are now are on avocation from 4:30am to 9:30pm each day to manipulate a operation of all train routes.

Managers as good as travel companies have benefited from a complicated equipment.

Nguyen Van Trieu, executive of a May 19 Bus Transport Co-operative, pronounced that before GPS inclination and cameras were installed, primer organisation was used, though it was not effective as tellurian resources were limited.

In addition, a associated had 500 buses regulating on 18 routes.

“Since a day we began regulating complicated technologies, all shortcomings have been eliminated,” he told Sai Gon Giai Phong (Liberated Sai Gon) newspaper. “We’re means to control and inspect all activities of a train on a whole route.”

Other train companies have pronounced that cameras and GPS inclination are useful as they guard train operations and drivers’ work ethic. With a system, they can foster or retaliate drivers.

The initial GPS inclination on city buses were used in 2012, and dual years later, cameras were installed.

Now, all buses in a city have GPS devices, while scarcely 2,000 buses have cameras.

Each train has 4 cameras. One marks a route, one follows activities of a driver, and dual of them manipulate security.

GPS inclination guard a bus’s speed, routes, opening and shutting of doors, atmosphere conditioning, and a time a buses run.

All information taken from cameras and inclination are sent to a online handling office.

Thanks to a equipment, managers can scold driver’s work opinion and function such as eating and regulating a phone while driving.

Violators caught

In March, a Management and Operation Centre for Public Transport perceived a call from a male looking for a mislaid 6th class lady who was his relative.

The lady had held a train on Ha Huy Giap Street in District 12. From a apparatus data, a centre found a track and buses that a lady had used and were means to locate her.

In another case, a newcomer reported that a motorist of train on a An Suong – Ben Thanh track braked suddenly, causing aged people to tumble down. The motorist did not contend he was contemptible and did not have a good opinion when other passengers complained.

Examining a cameras, managers detected a box and temporarily dangling a driver, seeking him to re-study a codes of ethics.

In addition, a motorist on a Vo Van Kiet — Chu Van An track was dismissed when he did not stop during a hire to collect adult dual people with disabilities.

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