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VietNamNet Bridge – In the two months of suppression of crime, 34 groups of mobile police of HCM City handled 166 cases, including possession of illegal weapons, intentionally causing injury, traffic violations … but no robbery.

Robbery on the streets of Saigon

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Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has reviewed the results of the 2 months against crime and ensuring traffic safety in the city during the Lunar New Year 2013.

Colonel Ngo Minh Chau – Vice Director of the HCM City City Police Agency – said that the campaign has initially stopped and reversed crime in the city.

The number of criminal cases reduced by 9.68%. In particular, the City Police have destroyed many organized criminal gangs, many daring and dangerous criminals.

The Ministry of Public Security sent 604 police officers to HCM City to help patrol in the National Highway 1A and some major roads in the city.

Colonel Chau said that the operation of mobile police and the deployment of patrol helped maintain stability of social order and safety, stop crime, especially robbery on the road.

During the 2 months, 34 groups of mobile police did not detect any robbery case on the roads where they patrolled.

According to Major General Nguyen Phi Hung, Deputy General Director of the Crime Prevention Department (Ministry of Public Security), during the Lunar New Year, the number of crime in the country reduced over 5% and over 13% in the south. The number of serious cases fell sharply.

Hung said, in the coming time, especially in March and April, criminals may become more aggressive.

The Ministry of Public Security’s officials will meet with representatives of the southern provinces to discuss measures to effectively focus on solving problems.

Chairman of the HCM City People’s Committee–Le Hoang Quan, also asked the chairs of 24 districts to sign a commitment on reducing crime and traffic accidents.

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