Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – A young woman from Dong Da District, Hanoi, has been fined with VND750,000 ($35) for making a false report to the police.


false report, fine, robbery, hypnotization 

Ms. Diep at the police station.

On February 25, police of Dong Da district, Hanoi, said they imposed administrative fine of VND750,000 on Ms. Vu Hoang Diep, 32, for making a false report on the theft that occurred at a shop on Xa Dan Street on February 18.

The police said the fine is small because Diep’s behavior is not so serious; she herself later regretted; and she had good records. The VND750,000 fine is for the act of making false statements.

On February 18, Diep went to the police headquarters of Nam Dong Ward, Dong Da District reporting that she was “hypnotized” and robbed.

According to Diep, on the afternoon of the same day, a woman walked into the store, pretend to ask about goods, then suddenly she untied her hair, then Diep was in a coma.

When she woke up, she detected to lose Eur35,000, US$1,900, VND48 million, two iPhone and an ATM card, totaling around VND1.5 billion ($70,000).

Realizing the severity of the incident, Dong Da district police investigated. Many newspapers reported the case with thrilling headlines about the new form of robbery, using hypnotization.

However, on February 22, Diep told the police that she made false reports. Actually, she lost only a handbag, with two cell phones and some money inside. Diep said she declared the huge assets in the hope that the police would found the case serious to quickly investigate it. She also admitted that she invented the detail that the woman untied her hair and she fainted.

Shortly thereafter, the police also arrested the culprit, a woman named Le Thi Hong Thiep, 46, form Phuong Liet ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Taking advantage of Diep’s lack of vigilance, Thiep stole her handbag, with two iPhone inside. She sold an iPhone for $400 and presented the another to her daughter.


By vivian