Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The Hai Phong City Police Agency has identified one of the six victims in the terrifying fire in the northern port city of Hai Phong on the night of March 17, as the culprit.


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Luyen’s first daughter in hospital.

The culprit is Mr. Tran Dinh Hau, 53. Hau and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Luyen, 27, had frequent friction because Luyen has only two daughters while Hau wanted to have a grandson.

Being angry with Luyen, Hau often picked quarrels with Luyen. Because of the conflict between his father and his wife, Luyen’s husband – Mr. Tran Dinh Hiep, 27, used to attempt suicide. Before Luyen had the second child, Hau sent the couple away from his house. Until recently he let them return.

On the evening of March 17, after a big quarrel with Luyen, Hau burned the bed of Luyen and her daughters with petroleum.

As a result, six people in the family were burnt, including Luyen, with burns covering 30 percent of her body, her husband (minor injuries), Luyen’s two daughters – Tran Thi Huyen, 5 and Tran Thi Ngoc, 4, – with severe burns of over 80 percent of their body, Hau and his wife with burns on 25 percent of their body.

After the fire, some of Hau’s relatives said the fire occurred due to electrical short. However, investigators have defined Hau as the culprit.

On the morning of March 18, Hiep told his wife’s family that he was the culprit but the family also denied, saying that he pleaded guilty instead of his father.

On the morning of March 19, Luyen’s second daughter Tran Thi Huyen, 4, died while Hau and Luyen’s first daughter remain in critical conditions.


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