Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

French Minister for Foreign Trade Nicole Bricq has suggested that
Vietnam and France further enhance cooperation, especially in
economics with a view to establishing a strategic partnership at the
suitable time.

“ Vietnam is always a priority in
my work,” the minister said at a banquet hosted by the Vietnamese
Embassy in Paris on March 27 to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of
Vietnam – France diplomatic ties. The event is in the framework of
Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh’s visit to France from March 25-29.

France is now the second largest European
investor in Vietnam and the leading provider from the European Union
(EU) of official development assistance (ODA) for the country. France
’s total ODA for Vietnam has amounted to 1.2 billion EUR so far, not
to mention other aids and financial loans worth 840 million EUR,
including those provided by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance,
she said.

Bricq proposed promoting bilateral
dialogue mechanism and implementing a ministerial-level economic
dialogue mechanism, which will serve as the main factor in the future
strategic partnership.

She stressed that the two
sides need to pay heed to market access and France’s support of
Vietnam’s negotiations with the EU towards a free trade agreement.

Additionally, both nations should also work closely in
health care, environment and information technology which are vital for
Vietnam’s economic development.

She affirmed
that it is the right time now for the two countries to work out a
detailed roadmap towards establishing the strategic partnership. This
content will be tabled for discussion during Bricq’s forthcoming visit
to Vietnam to attend the launch of the Vietnam – France Culture
Year. The minister will be accompanied by representatives from about 100
French small and medium sized businesses.-VNA

By vivian