Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

Representatives of the embassies of the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (RoK) have vowed that their
countries will take necessary measures to protect the lives and
property of Vietnamese citizens living there.

Meeting with a Vietnamese Foreign Ministry representative in Hanoi
on April 8, a DPRK diplomat affirmed that under the 1961 Vienna
Convention on Diplomatic Ties, the DPRK is responsible for ensuring the
safety of lives and assets of foreign representative agencies and
international organisations in the country, including the Vietnamese

Meanwhile, a RoK diplomat on April 9 said
that the country will closely co-ordinate with foreign representative
agencies in the RoK and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of
foreigners in the country.

The Vietnamese side
voiced deep concern at the current tension in the Korean peninsula and
expressed wishes that relevant sides will restrain themselves and make
efforts to ease the tension and maintain peace and stability in the

A representative from the Foreign
Ministry’s Consular Department said on April 9 that the ministry is
maintaining regular and close contacts with domestic agencies and
Vietnamese embassies in Seoul and Pyongyang to monitor the situation,
adding that the life of the people living in those cities and other
localities in the Korean peninsula are still normal.-VNA

By vivian