Tue. May 21st, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – Every morning, people living around the lake of Nam Dong in Hanoi hear a free symphony of hundreds of birds. Strangers are surprised, thinking that they lost in a bird park in the capital city.


  Hundreds of bird cages are hung on the trees around the Nam Dong Lake.
This strange “park” gathers several hundred bird cages with different shapes, sizes and designs… The common species of ornamental birds are present here, such as bulbuls, white eyses, laughing thrushes, mynahs… The owners of these birds make use of the public space along the Nam Dong Lake for hanging bird cages.  The owner of this “bird park” is a young man who loves animals very much.
 Every day, thousands of people living in the area come here to do exercise, but no one feels trouble because of this “park.”
 This is a special “park,” though many people still think that raising birds is a bad hobby.  Thai Binh

By vivian