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VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Hoang Thien An, 18 in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, had a distorted face by a big tumor. On July 30, the girl’s face was operated on by American doctor McKinnon and doctors of the FV Hospital.

Surgery for the boy without a human face

huge tumor, McKinnon, american doctor, surgery

The patient before surgery.

After a five-hour surgery, the huge tumor was removed and the face was recreated by talented doctors.

“Because the tumor had existed on the patient’s face for 18 years, eliminating the tumor would touch many nerves. The crew tried to preserve the function of the patient’s face and left enough skin to make reasonable shape after we cut the tumor,” said Dr. Gerard Devignes of the FV Hospital.

Thien An’s family discovered a small lump on the right side of her face when she was 7 years old. The tumor grew fast and ruined the entire right side of the face. The family was very poor so they could not afford treatment for the girl.

In 2007, when Thien An was 12 years old, the parents took her to the hospital of Tien Giang for a charitable surgery. After the surgery, the tumor grew quickly again. A year later, the patient was admitted to the HCM City Oncology Hospital and the doctors decided to cut the hump. Once again, the tumor re-developed quickly.

huge tumor, McKinnon, american doctor, surgery

Doctors perform the surgery.

On July 2, Thien An was examined at the FV Hospital for the first time. Ten days later, other tests were conducted. On July 29, American doctor McKinnon, who cut the giant tumor for Mr. Nguyen Duy Hai in Lam Dong province last year, came for the last consultation. He decided to operate on the patient immediately.

Dr. Gerard Devignes said this form of surgery always faces the risk of recurrence, but for Thien An, there is no solution other than surgery. “This young girl cannot have a normal life with a large tumor on the face,” said Dr. Gerard Devignes.

According to this doctor, if the tumor grows again, the patient may have to undergo a minor surgery.

Thien An is a poor student who studies well so she was financially supported by Vovicare, a charity society of overseas Vietnamese in Australia. She was waiting for the results of the university entrance exam.

The surgery was funded by FV Hospital while the American doctor performed the surgery for free. Vovicare and Vinacapital Foundation covered the cost of McKinnon’s charity trip to Vietnam.

On July 31, Dr. McKinnon and FV Hospital performed another operation to remove the giant tumor on the face of Mr. Le Hoang Em, 31, from Dong Thap province.

Earlier, on July 23, 2013, Dr. McKinnon and doctors of the Vinmec Hospital performed a 9-hour operation to separate the huge melanoma on the face of the boy Le Trung T, 14.

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