Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – Darkness and being unfamiliar with the road made an 82 year-old man in Kon Tum Province fall into a well and die.


well, accident, fell 

The well where the accident occured. 

Mr. Thao Kroi, 82, in Iec village, Bo Y commune, Ngoc Hoi District of the Central Highlands Province of Kon Tum had been a widower for a long time. His relatives, therefore, matched him with Mrs. Y Cho, 60, in Kon Khon village, Bo Y commune.

On March 1, Mr. Thao Kroi paid a visit to Mrs. Y Cho’s house. He took 3 liters of alcohol and some food to his fiancé’s house to hold a party and invited some elders in the village to attend.

At about 8 p.m., Mr. Thao Kroi left the party for his own business but he didn’t come back. People began worrying about him and went out to look for him.

Around 6pm on March 2, Mrs. Dinh Thi Dan, a neighbor of Mrs. Y Cho tried to turn on her pump but it did not pump up any water. She checked the well and found a dead body.

The body was identified as Mr. Thao Kroi.

According to police, this well has been used by Mrs. Dan’s family for a long time. The well does not have any wall or fence and it is only covered by a thin iron sheet.

In the night of March 1, because he didn’t know the road well, Mr. Thao Kroi walked through the iron sheet covering the well. The iron sheet was broken and the man fell into the well. Not being discovered by anyone, he died because of suffocation.

In Bo Y commune, all wells do not have walls, fence and cover. These wells, therefore, have become fatal traps.

In Kon Khon village alone, there are over ten wells of this type.

According to villagers, there had been some people falling into wells before, including two children. Luckily, all of them were detected timely and survived.


By vivian