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Red-shanked douc langur sourroundings affected

More people have rushed to Son Tra Peninsular in Danang City to constraint photos of red-shanked douc langurs, lifting concerns that this would impact their vital environment.

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More people have rushed to Son Tra to take photos of red-shanked douc langurs 

People have mostly come to Son Tra Nature Reserve to take photos of red-shanked douc langurs during night, regulating headlights. 

Le Trang, emissary executive of GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre, pronounced that regulating lights and sound to take photos will badly impact furious animals in Son Tra. The red-shanked douc langurs could be many influenced and this could change their habits.

Every day, adult to dozens of photographers come to Son Tra and a figure has tended to arise sharply.

Bui Van Tuan, an consultant from GreenViet, pronounced that many people embrace animal sound to call them and afterwards constraint their photos. Many others even proceed utterly nearby them to see and a constraint their images.

Son Tra Nature Reserve in a city has around 500 red-shanked douc langurs that live in groups of between 5 and seven.

Red-shanked douc langurs were found in Son Tra District in 1969. Many researchers and film-makers have come to a locality to investigate a species.


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