Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment held a conference in
Hanoi on March 8 to seek ways to manage pollution, which is increasingly
challenging the country.

contributed their opinions on how to put pollution under control and
discussed ways to address poor air quality and treat sewage and solid

Present at the conference, Japanese
experts shared their experience in building a uniform legal system to
protect water resources and prevent air pollution.

emphasised the need to regularly inspect production workshops and
business establishments and give strict punishments to violators.

Statistics show that in Hanoi alone, up to 750 tonnes of
industrial solid waste is produced per day, only 60 percent of which is

The dust level in the city is reported to
exceed the permitted level. Air pollution is prevalent in most of
Hanoi’s residential areas.

The situation poses many challenges for Vietnam as the country seeks to create a green and sustainable economy

By vivian