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Chang Son paper fan village



Located about 30 km from Hanoi, Chang Son village in Thach That district preserves several time-honoured crafts, such as carpentry, sculpture and varnishing. In particular, it is a cradle of paper fan making.

During the peak harvest season, local farmers are busy working on vast fields. However, nearly all families have someone at home, absorbed in making traditional fans.

Most villagers learn to make fans at an early age. PhíThịChấp, a local artisan has spent her whole life making fans.

ChàngSơn villagers have made fans for centuries. According to DươngVănĐoàn, their products are not limited to daily use but for export. Doan’s products are sold in highly demanding markets like France, Germany and Japan.

Big-sized fans like these show artisans’ creativity. Thanks to that, Chang Son’s fame has gone beyond the nation’s borders.

Meeting market demands, assuring product quality and creativity are key factors to help Chang Son villagers preserve the traditional craft.-VNA


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