Thu. May 16th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The Commonweath Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia’s natural science agency, is working to improve Viet Nam’s capacity to develop regional-scale climate projections.

The High-resolution Viet Nam Climate Projection project is expected to help Vietnamese better understand the likely effects of climate change on their country.

Improving knowledge of climate change impacts will enable identification of the people and sectors at risk, and help the country prioritise its climate-change response.

Funded by Australia, the project will be undertaken by CSIRO in collaboration with the Viet Nam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment and Ha Noi University of Science.

CSIRO experts will provide Vietnamese scientists with access to their climate model and training.

The model can be used to improve the resolution of global climate models to a regional level, allowing scientists to compare, assess, and improve their existing understanding of climate change to produce more reliable climate projections for Viet Nam.

CSIRO will also host PhD students from the participating institutions for a two-month intensive training programme.

It will organise a series of workshops and presentations to disseminate the project results in Australia and Viet Nam.

The project will integrate past and current research for a more complete assessment of the potential effects of climate change and develop communication tools to ensure that the data generated is widely accessible.

It will have six main components: Observations/analyses/drivers; dynamic downscaling; analysis of climate projections; component; regional sea-level projection; from climate change projections to assessing response options; and communication and management.

Source: VNS

By vivian