Sun. Jun 9th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The homes of students of the Thuan Mang junior
secondary school in Ngan Son district, Bac Kan province, are far from
the school so their parents built tents near the school to facilitate
the studies. The damp and dark tents are the temporary home of more than
70 out of 110 students in Thuan Mang school.



Only the classrooms are solidly built, the other rooms are makeshift.

The healthcare room, the guardhouse and the storage for experimental tools are
dilapidated wooden and bamboo houses.

The tents of students are about 1.5 m high, 4 m2 wide, surrounded by luxuriant weeds.

This tent is home to two brothers, a seventh grader and a fourth grader.

The courtyard between the tents. On rainy days, this is a muddy area with puddles.

The children play tops and tag during the break…

… or group up to talk.

Going to school is their biggest dream. Therefore, though they have to
live far from their parents, they are very hard to learn.

The kitchen with simple things, less than 1 m from the bed.

Cooking utensils and spices of kids.

On rainy days, when wood is wet, they cannot cook so they have to find something to eat.


By vivian