Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved a project which supports students to start up businesses by 2025.

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Students experience a start-up model. 

The project aims to promote the start-up spirit among students, equip them with start-up knowledge and skills and create an environment for them to realise start-up initiatives, creating employment after graduation. 

Hundred per cent of universities, academies, colleges and intermediate schools are required to implement the project by 2020. 

The project requires at least 90 per cent of students of universities, academies, colleges, intermediate schools, high schools and vocational schools to equip students with start-up knowledge and skills before graduation. 

Hundred per cent of universities and academies and 50 per cent of colleges and intermediate schools must have at least two start-up ideas and projects implemented by students and supported with investment sourced from relevant funds or connected with enterprises and venture capital funds. 

Educational institutions must mobilise budget from legal sources and set up a fund to support students to begin start-ups from a socialisation source by attracting investment from individuals and organisations. 

Schools must also have teachers and lecturers that can consult with students, conduct training for these staff members and encourage experienced people to volunteer for consultation and to share start-up lessons. 

Universities, academies, colleges and intermediate schools are encouraged to compile optional or compulsory thematic lessons about start-up and practice, along with providing internship at enterprises, so that students have an opportunity to experience practical business activities. — VNS

By vivian