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VietNamNet Bridge – Singers from the Que Huong Club at the Labor Cultural House in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City held a performance to introduce traditional musical instruments to young students of Minh Dao Primary School in District 5.


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Members of the club of Minh Dao Primary School perform a folk song.

The performance as an extracurricular activity attracted the attention of the young primary school students.

This is the first time that 800 primary school students of Minh Dao School enjoyed a performance of traditional musical instruments as part of their extracurricular activity.

They could see, touch and learn about folk musical instruments such as Dan Tranh (16 string zither), Dan Bau (one string gourd zither), Dan Nguyet (moon shaped two string lute), Dan Nhi (two string fiddle), Sao Truc (bamboo flute), and the variety of folk songs from all parts of the country.

Meritorious Teacher Pham Thuy Hoan said that the club offers classes in several traditional musical instruments as well as folk song genres, and has brought a vibrant atmosphere to the musical exchange meetings with performances of familiar songs with young students like Ca Nha Thuong Nhau (Members of a family love each other), Di Hoc (Going to school), Me   Va Co (Mom and teacher), and Trong Com (Cylindrical Drum).

Le Thanh Hai, headmaster of Minh Dao Primary School said, “The performance is a useful lesson for young students. After the program, fourth and fifth graders will write a short essay on their experience.”

Three years back, the Minh Dao Primary School set up a 50 strong club for folk singing. The school wants to orient students to a better understanding of traditional musical instruments and songs.

Schools should include teaching traditional music in their curriculum as it gives young people basic understanding of Vietnamese folk musical instruments and songs.

Tran Van Khe, Professor and Master of Vietnamese traditional music, used to say that once young people are absorbed in traditional music, they will remain unaffected by influences of foreign culture.

Literature teachers said that music helped students study their subjects better. They hope that music classes in schools will receive more attention in future.

Source: SGGP

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