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VietNamNet Bridge – It’s never late to study. Vietnam has a lot of talented persons. The truth has been once again proved by the 2013 university entrance exam results.

The orphan students who came first at university entrance exams

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Le Minh Cuong (right).

While thousands of students nationwide make the most of the joy of passing the university entrance exams together with their parents and relatives, the two orphaned students, who came first at the entrance exams to their schools, have to think about how they can arrange money to fund their university study.

Le Minh Cuong has a funny nick name “Cuong dollar,” but he is from the poorest family in the Phu Ngoc commune of Dinh Quan district in Dong Nai province.

Cuong became fatherless when he was 4. His mother, 60, still has to work on the rice field.

Cuong went to the fields together with his mother to chop sugar cane trees. After school hours, he went catching crabs to exchange for rice. In summer holiday, Cuong tended goats for local people to get money to buy textbooks for the new school year.

Hearing that he came first at the entrance exams to the HCM City University of Education with 28.5/30 marks, Cuong understands that he would have to work harder to get money to go to the city, where he can fulfill the dream of following university education.

The student who came first at the entrance exams to the Post and Telecommunication Institute is Bui Chi Huong, a student from Co Loa district in Hanoi. Huong lives with the grandmother on her allowance of VND1.1 million a month, because his parents died some years ago of cancer.

Huong feels happy because he can study at a famous school. He plans to take some jobs to make money to fund his study. However, he still feels worried about the grandmother, who is old and sick.

The 53 year old father and son passed university entrance exams

The Hong Duc University will receive a special student this year – Hoang Van Toan, who decided to follow the university study at the age of 53. He has been well known for his iron will and the eagerness for study.

In 1981, Toan, who was then a student of the Hanoi Arts University, had to give up studying, returned to the home village, got married and worked to make money.

Though Toan experienced a tough life, he never gives up learning. He reads books and learns any time he can to have more knowledge and teach his children. And he decided to attend the entrance exams to the Hong Duc University to continue the university study dream he once suspended.

Toan got 22 marks at the exams and he is sure of obtaining a seat at the university. His son, who got 22.5 marks, would also be a student of the school.

All transgendered teacher’s students pass exams

Quynh Tram, who has been well known as a transgendered teacher who runs private tutoring classes to help students prepare for the university entrance exams, is happy because 100 percent of her students have passed the university entrance exams.

Tram’s classes were the special ones, because Tram mostly received the weak students or those from poor families. The students not only passed the high school finals, but also passed the exams to universities.

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