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VietNamNet Bridge – Many students, especially those from big cities, are taking advantage of modern gadgets to cheat in exams.

 Invisible ink pen often used to cheat on exams.

The family of Hoang, a high school student in Hanoi, own a convenience store so he often brings items into school to show off and makes sales.

Young people seem fascinated by the strangest items, such as an umbrella that looks like a Japanese sword, invisible-ink pens or pen that can cut glass; and students have quickly taken advantage of these tools to cheat in their exams.

Hoang said the invisible ink pen could write on wood, metal and especially clothes. Furthermore, the written words could easily be seen from a metre away.

The disappearing ink pen is another favourite item. After 24 hours, the words that were written by those pens will completely disappear. The pen Hoang said that could cut glass has a sharp steel point at the tip. With price of VND60,000-120,000 (USD2.8-5.6) for each pen, Hoang receives dozens of orders every day.

Hoang is not the only one who sell such novelty items as shops regular stock such goods, and there is a roaring online trade.

Quang Tuan, a 11th grade student said, “I can save up my pocket money to buy one in no time at all. At first there were only a few of my friends bought these items but now they all are searching for something unique. I know they can be used to cheat but I need to practice with them or I’ll get caught.”

The umbrella.

The umbrellas that have handles that resemble sword hilts are more expensive. They cost VND300,000-500,000 each but have sold rapidly.

However, using modern tools to cheat can’t last for long.

Linh Tam, a 10th grade student said she often used the invisible inked pen to cheat but was caught at the semester exam. Teachers now also know about the tools so students can’t use them without fear any more.

Hoang Minh, a pupil in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi said he was beaten up because of the umbrella that looks like a sword. The other boys said Minh was a trouble maker. “They thought I had a real sword. I’ll never take it out again.” he said.

Minh said during the breaks, boys often used the umbrella to fight with each other. Because the handle is steel it can cause injury. Teachers have also demanded parents come to school to deal with children taking such fake weaponry into classes.

Source: DTriNews

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