Thursday , 24 September 2020
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Is publishing monopoly is to blame for shortage of textbooks?

VietNamNet Bridge – The new academic year has begun, but some parents and students have been on tenterhooks as they still cannot buy textbooks. Textbooks will be replaced as a part of the education renovation program Nguyen Van Tung, deputy editor-in-chief of the Vietnam Education Publishing House, admitted the lack of textbooks in some localities, blaming it on the sharp ... Read More »

Toyota to invest $500m in Uber in driverless car deal

Japanese carmaker Toyota is to invest $500m (£387m) in Uber and expand a partnership to jointly develop self-driving cars. The firm said this would involve the “mass-production” of autonomous vehicles that would be deployed on Uber’s ride sharing network. It is being viewed as a way for both firms to catch up with rivals in the competitive driverless car market. ... Read More »

Unused schools in Ha Tinh waste public funds

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of schools, healthcare centres and offices in several resettlement residential areas in the central province of Ha Tinh have been left unused for years since their completion, creating a huge waste of public budget resources. The unused buildings in Ky Loi Commune. — Photo Authorities said this was because targeted residents did not want ... Read More »

Air pollution may harm cognitive intelligence, study says

Chronic exposure to air pollution can cause harm to cognitive performance, a new study reveals. A family struggles with the effects of air pollution in Delhi — Photo: EPA Researchers believe that the negative impact increases with age, and affects men with less education the worst. Over four years, the maths and verbal skills of some 20,000 people in China ... Read More »

Education department changes enrollment plans

VietNamNet Bridge – Parents and students, after experiencing a confusing high-school enrollment season, have heard that the Hanoi Education and Training Department is drawing up three new enrollment plans for the next academic year. The Hanoi education department is considering three enrollment plans Ninth graders and their parents in Hanoi are worried that the plan for the 2019-2020 academic year ... Read More »

No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms

Bad news for those who enjoy what they think is a healthy glass of wine a day. A large new global study published in the Lancet has confirmed previous research which has shown that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. The researchers admit moderate drinking may protect against heart disease but found that the risk of cancer and ... Read More »

New school year ceremony to be held nationwide on September 5

Schools across the country will hold ceremonies to launch the 2018-2019 school year on September 5, the Ministry of Education and Training has requested.  Accordingly, the ministry stressed that ceremonies must be solemn but simple and designed to suit children and local conditions.  In preparation for the new school year, the ministry asked departments of Education and Training nationwide to ... Read More »

Unpicking the cyber-crime economy

Turning virtual cash into real money without being caught is a big problem for successful cyber-criminals. They often have to get creative when “cashing out” or laundering the money they have stolen, according to a security expert. Ziv Mador, head of security research at Trustwave SpiderLabs. told the BBC that credit card thieves, for example, have limited time to profit, ... Read More »

Pedagogical schools say they cannot find enough students

VietNamNet Bridge – Many pedagogical schools complain that the numbers of students applying for admission was too modest after the first enrollment campaign. Excellent students do not want to become teachers because of low salaries and hard work, while less capable students want to teach, but are often rejected. The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), in an effort to ... Read More »

Slaughtered pigs outnumber Spanish population

New statistics on the number of slaughtered pigs in Spain have stirred fears in the country’s media that the animals may soon outnumber the human population and end up hogging local resources. The Ministry of Environment released figures this week saying that Spain had slaughtered some 50m pigs last year – 3.5m more than the country’s 46.5m population. This has ... Read More »