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Việt Nam’s pirate island develops community tourism

Love is in the air: Romantic beaches on the archipelago lure tourists. — Photo Viet Nam News by Thiên Hương Tiên Hải is the only island commune in Hà Tiên District, southern province of Kiên Giang. The commune also has another name: Hải Tặc (Pirates) Archipelago. It boasts 16 islands and total area of ... Read More »

Discover your inner child at U Minh National Park

Natural surroundings: Waterway in U Minh Hạ.— VNA/VNS Photo Huỳnh Thế Anh Viet Nam News Văn Châu If you’re a nature lover and favour adventure trips, the U Minh National Park (UMNP) in the Mekong Delta should be at the top of your destination list, especially if you live in southern Việt Nam. Trần Vĩnh Tuấn, a 46-year-old visitor from ... Read More »

Spring in Mộc Châu is about as good as it gets

Picture time: Mộc Sương Tea Hills area is a good site for photo shooting. VNS Photo Trần Mai Hưởng Viet Nam News By Trần Mai Hưởng Nothing conjures up a perfect spring afternoon more than a beautiful field of canola flowers shining as bright as the sunshine above. Spring in Mộc Châu is just about as good as it gets. ... Read More »

Colourful stones enchant at Bình Thuận beach

Kaleidoscope colours: Cổ Thạch beach and Cổ Thạch pagoda (called Cave Pagoda) in the province’s Tuy Phong District attract droves of photographers who arrive in the early morning to take shots of moss-covered stones that can look turquoise, purple, red or other colours, depending on the angle of the sunlight. — VNS Photo Dương Đức Viet Nam News by Gia ... Read More »

Standing at heaven’s gate on Bảo Đài Mountain

Stunning views: Tourists climb up Yên Tử Mountain. — VNA/VNS Photo Quỳnh Trang Viet Nam News By Trần Mai Hưởng We headed up to Bảo Đài Mountain, also known as Vảy Rồng Mountain, to visit the Ngọa Vân Am (Ngọa Vân Pagoda) historical site. The site, located in the Yên Tử historical complex in the northern province of Quảng Ninh, ... Read More »

Tourists revel in rich Khmer culture

Part of the culture: Bà Ôm Pond offers cool atmosphere. — File Photo Viet Nam News By Văn Châu  At first, I thought it would take only one day to sample the best of Trà Vinh, a coastal province in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta, but I was quickly proven wrong. Hundreds of ancient trees and a fascinating Khmer culture ... Read More »

Coastal city lures tourists with history

Heroes: Statues of the three heroes who repelled Chinese invaders. — VNS Photo Trần Mai Hưởng Viet Nam News by Trần Mai Hưởng People know Hải Phòng as a city of flamboyant trees, an important industrial centre and the biggest port in the north. The city has also long been a tourism hub with beaches embracing the city and top class ... Read More »

Pá Kứ San, Mother Mountain in the clouds

Through the mist: We reached the climax of our feelings. — VNS Photo Tuấn Ngọc Viet Nam News By Tuấn Ngọc Pá Kứ San Mountain in Lào Cai Province has primitive forests covered in moss, forests full of maple trees and their colourful leaves, cliffs that startle with their steepness and, at times, all this is covered in a sea ... Read More »

Travelling to Vietnam from UAE

Thanks to intensive friendship and extensive cooperative relationship between Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam have recently become one of the most popular destinations for travelers from UAE. For UAE citizens who have a plant to visit Vietnam, following is some instruction for UAE travelers about how to travel Vietnam from UAE. Vietnam visa from UAE Before visiting Vietnam, ... Read More »

Heaven comes to earth in Lộc Yên

Rare beauty: Lộc Yên Village is dubbed ‘paradise land’ for it’s natural and man-made beauty. Viet Nam News Đắc Thành Lộc Yên, an ancient village in Tiên Phước District in the central province of Quảng Nam, is dubbed “paradise land” for its heavenly landscape. The village lies at the foot of a mountain and looks out over rice fields. According to ... Read More »