Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Vietnamese Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva on
Feb. 27 asked for the establishment of a panel at an official meeting of
the Dispute Settlement Body, aimed at resolving the shrimp case DS/429,
in which the US side is the respondent.

Countries which
registered to be third parties at the meeting include the European
Union, China, Japan, Norway and Thailand.

The US
Department of Commerce (DOC) is considering the imposition of
anti-subsidy duties on certain frozen warm-water shrimp from Vietnam
and six other countries after the US International Trade Commission
(ITC) concluded that the US domestic shrimp production industry was
suffering damage due to subsidised shrimp products imported from the
seven countries including Vietnam.

Since 2004, Vietnam’s frozen shrimp has been imposed with anti-dumping duties. In case the
US side concludes the shrimp is sold at a subsidised price at the US
market, Vietnamese shrimp businesses will face more difficulties.
The Vietnamese side also requested a review of the US side’s
implementation of a verdict by the DSB over the case DS/404. Vietnam
officially requested consultations with the US concerning a number of
anti-dumping measures on certain frozen warm-water shrimp from Vietnam
with three key contents including zeroing, country-wide rate and
sampling. The panel in the case made a verdict supporting two of the
three contents./.

By vivian