Wed. Apr 10th, 2024

With the ASEAN nations’ agreement to discuss Hong Kong’s participation
in the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area as a separate entity, Hong
Kong-Vietnam relations will continue to grow, contributing to the
development of the Tonkin Gulf Economic Belt, particularly the Hong
Kong-Guangxi-Vietnam triangle.

This was the remark
by Chairman of the Hong Kong-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Jonathan Choi
during his working session with a Vietnamese inter-sectoral delegation
led by Deputy Foreign Minister Ho Xuan Son, in Hong Kong on July 31.

Jonathan Choi said that the session offered a chance
for the chamber’s members to access latest information about investment
opportunities in Vietnam.

For his part,
Deputy Minister Son went through outstanding features of Vietnam –
China relations and those between Vietnam and Hong Kong in

He expressed his pleasure at the development of the two sides’ ties in the past time, particularly in economics and trade.

The Deputy Minister asked the Hong Kong-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce to
work harder to strengthen linkages between the two sides, allowing
Hong Kong businesses to contribute more to bilateral connectivity,
including the development of the Tonkin Gulf Economic Belt.

At the session, the businesses spoke highly of improvements in
Vietnamese investment and business environment recently. Some of them,
including TAL Apparel Limited, said they will continue their strategy
for long-term operation in Vietnam .

Hong Kong
was the last stop of the Vietnamese delegation in a trip to survey the
Tonkin Gulf Economic Belt, which also took them to Vietnam’s Quang Ninh
province and China’s Guangxi and Guangdong provinces./.

By vivian