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The whirlwind of Thai investment in Vietnam

The whirlwind of Thai investment in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Thai investors, who have been making huge investments in Vietnam, are expected to expand their investment in the country in the time to come. 

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A supermarket of Thailand in HCMC.

TCC, which has been in the news recently, for example, has acquired Metro Vietnam and Phu Thai Group. 

It also holds a 19 percent stake of Vinamilk, the nation’s leading dairy producer, and is the owner of colossal properties in Vietnam.

TCC is not the only Thai investor in Vietnam. Many other Thai firms have been expanding in the country through M&A deals.

The Thai Royal Embassy to Vietnam has recently sent a letter to VietNamNet to provide more information about Thai investment in Vietnam.

According to the Embassy, Thai firms invest not only in Vietnam but also in other ASEAN countries and many regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe and America. 

“Thai businesses invest in the host countries because they are confident in the hosts’ economic potential. At the same time, the host countries welcome them, trusting that their investment will generate a large number of jobs and contribute to the development of the host countries,” the letter says. 

“To the last, they invest not only for themselves, but for the mutual benefits of local people and its business as demonstrated by their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities,” it adds.

Over the last decade, Vietnam has been the one of the most popular trade and investment destinations for foreign companies due to the country’s many advantages and attractive factors including the government’s policy to encourage enterprises and foreign investment. Vietnam has been successful in attracting FDI reaching $33 billion in the first 11 months of 2017.

“Over the years, bilateral trade between Vietnam and Thailand has been driven both by government and private sector activities. Our bilateral trade and investment has increased every year. However, Thailand is still only the 10th largest investor in Vietnam,” the letter says.

Vietnamese officials have many times affirmed that foreign direct investment, including investment from Thailand and ASEAN, is welcomed in Vietnam and the country is making every effort to create the most favorable conditions for them to develop their businesses.


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