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VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of Vietnamese billionaires have been found as the
ones who have made investments in the homeland after a long period of doing
business in East European countries.

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Mr Nguyen Dang Quang (left) and Ho Hung Anh

In Vietnam, Nguyen Dang Quang, born in 1963, and Ho Hung Anh, 1970, have been in
no way less known than Pham Nhat Vuong, who has entered Fobes’ list of the
world’s billionaires.

They are the owners of the leading consumer goods manufacturing group in Vietnam
which has the market capitalization value of up to four billion dollars.

The common thing that Pham Nhat Vuong and the two big guys have is that they all
have returned from East European countries where they got rich from making
instant noodles: Vuong from Ukraine, while Quang and Hung Anh from Russia.

After returning to the homeland, Vuong has been pouring money into high end real
estate projects and tourism, while Quang and Anh continue making consumer goods.
Besides, Quang and Anh have also injected money in a bank – Techcombank.

If considering the official assets, Ho Hung Anh has been left far behind by Pham
Nhat Vuong. Meanwhile, Quang has not been named in any official list of the
rich, because the companies’ shares have not been under Quang’s name.

However, the strong development of Masan Group, and a series of successful
merger and acquisition (MA) deals have made Quang really respectful in the eyes
of the business circle. The deals include the acquisition of Vinh Hao mineral
water, Bien Hoa Vinacafe and Proconco.

Analysts believe that in fact, the total assets held by Quang are in no way
inferior to the Forbes-recognized billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong.

Another “big guy,” who has also returned from East Europe, is Nguyen Canh Son,
born in 1967. Like Quang, Son, who is now President of Eurowindow Holding, has
not been named in any official lists of billionaires.

After the great success with Eurowindow brand, Son, together with his younger
brother, who is Eurowindow’s General Director, have also poured money into the
real estate, finance, construction materials and distribution sectors.

Son is now also the President of TM Trans Group in Moscow in Russia. He has
been called a mysterious businessman, who does not appear before the public.
However, the strong development of the businesses he set up in Vietnam,
including Eurowindow, Meling Plaza, Techcombank and VIB Bank, can show the power
of the big businessman.

Less famous than Vuong and Quang, but Trinh Thanh Huy, President and CEO of Binh
Thien An, a big real estate firm, still has been well known in the business
circle with a series of noisy acquisition deals. The name of the big guy has
been associated with the big MA deals of Vinafco, Beton 6 and Descon.

In fact, Trinh Thanh Huy has been well known for a long time already. He was the
person, who together with Nguyen Dang Quang and Ho Hung Anh, built up and
developed Masan Group in Russia and then Masan Group in Vietnam, which then
competed fiercely with Rollton Group of Dang Khac Vy (who is now a member of the
board of directors of VIB) and Technocom Group of Pham Nhat Vuong.

The stiff competition among the Vietnamese businessmen in the East Europe led to
sharp falls of the products’ prices, helping Vietnamese businessmen control the
regional instant noodle market.

Huan Tu

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