Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Vietnamese private businesses have established their own association in a
bid to coordinate their efforts in performing a higher level of social
responsibility to the nation.

Making its first debut at a
congress in Hanoi on April 6, the association said private
enterprises, mostly small and medium-sized ones, have constantly
increased their contributions to the State budget even in a time when
they were grappling with effects from the economic downturn in and
outside the country.

According to the
association’s statistic, private enterprises’ tax contribution to the
state budget covers 36.1 percent in the banking, finance, insurance, and
gold sectors, and 26.1 percent in the construction, property, and
construction materials industries.

These figures
reflect private businesses’ social responsibility is improving, and the
firms are willing to joint efforts with the nation to weather
difficulties lying ahead.-VNA

By vivian