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Prime Minister leads responses to serious flooding

Floods swept divided many houses and crops in Van Chan district, northern Yen Bai province. (Photo: VNA)

– Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has sent obligatory notices to state
agencies and administrations of cities and provinces influenced by a tropical
depression, directing responses to flooding in northern and executive Vietnam.

In a face of
serious flooding brought by complicated rains over a past few days and gale Khanun
which creatively emerged in a East Sea, PM Phuc destined a Central Steering
Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and internal governments,
particularly in alpine provinces, to keep a tighten watch on a weather
conditions and stay observant for any emergency.

He asked authorities
and troops army of flood-hit provinces of Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, Yen Bai and
Thanh Hoa to continue hunt for blank people and pierce those vital in
mudslide-prone and other at-risk areas to safety.

He urged the
provinces to yield service to influenced families, generally those who lost
family members or had harmed people. Foods and other reserve alongside
temporary accommodation contingency be supposing to those in need.

[Hoa Binh: 41 died, injured, blank in floods, landslides]

The PM also
requested a provinces and ministries to take measures to strengthen dykes and
dams; safeguard trade reserve during flooded or landslide areas; repair open buildings,
roads, irrigation systems shop-worn in a disasters; and assistance internal residents repair
houses and purify a environment.

The Ministry of
Health was reserved to yield giveaway diagnosis to harmed people and instruct
people on after-flood cleanup. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Development is obliged for soon elucidate any dyke or dam problems and
discharging floodwater to strengthen crops.

The Ministry of
Industry and Trade contingency approach a Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to guarantee
safety of hydropower reservoirs and soon solve power-related problems for
production and daily activities to be fast resumed, a notice said.

He cancelled a scheduled assembly with electorate in Hai Phong
City on Oct 12, travelling instead to a northern range of Ninh Binh to
check on internal dykes. 

Northern alpine provinces and
part of a executive segment have been submerged by widespread floods resulting
from torrential rains on Oct 10 and 11. 

The genocide fee climbed to 54 as of 22:00 pm on Oct 12, according to a Central Steering
Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control. 

The fatalities enclosed 14 people in Thanh Hoa, 17 in Hoa Binh, 9 in Nghe An, 6
in Son La and Yen Bai provinces each. Thirty-nine others are still blank while
31 are injured.-VNA

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