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Power assured during dry season

Power supply will meet the anticipated surge in demand during the dry
season this year, said Dang Huy Cuong, Director of the Electricity
Regulatory Authority of Vietnam.

The authority under the Ministry
of Industry and Trade was prepared to tackle the falling output at
hydropower plants due to prolonged drought in the Central Highlands
and southern regions, he said. Gas-fuelled thermal power plants would
operate at full capacity until July, which would provide over 4 billion
kWh per month, in addition to over 3 billion kWh per month from
coal-fueled thermal power plants.

According to Electricity of
Vietnam (EVN), hydropower makes up about 40 percent of the country’s
electricity output. The water shortage at hydropower plants’ reservoirs
is currently almost 5.3 trillion cubic metres – meaning reduced output
of 1.43 billion kWh.

This is critical as the dry season (April-June) is usually a peak time for power consumption.

EVN calculated that total electricity output across the country during
this period would be about 34.35 billion kWh, 11 percent higher than the
same period last year.

In emergencies, the company plans to make
use of more expensive power generating sources such as oil-fuelled
power plants and imported electricity.

The EVN planned to
mobilise over 1.1 billion kWh of power from FO or DO oils, which would
substantially raise production costs: each kWh generated from oil costs
5,000-6,000 VND, while the current average power price is about 1,400
VND per kWh.

The southern region with major economic hubs such as
HCM City, Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces would face more serious
shortages, as no new power plants become operational there this year.

Cuong noted that since the beginning of this year, electricity supply
has met demand for production and daily consumption.

representative from EVN Hanoi told Kinh te Do Thi (Economy and
Urban Affairs) newspaper that the recent power cut in the capital was
part of scheduled maintenance, rather than due to power shortages as in
previous years.

The company does not yet have any plan to cut power this year, according to the representative.-VNA

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