Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Vietnam has gradually restructured its livestock industry towards
turning out high quality products with high added value to ensure
sustainable development.

The assessment was confirmed by
Director of the Livestock Production Department Hoang Kim Giao, who
added that the number of dairy cows rose by more than 10 percent on
average in the past five years, reaching 167,000 heads last year.

Speaking at a seminar on the newest and most innovative advances in
genetics and nutrition for dairy cows and beef cattle in Ho Chi Minh
City on April 9, he revealed that the country’s total milk output last
year topped 382,000 tonnes, up over 10 percent from 2011.

quality of the breeding cows is the decisive factor in animal breeding,
he said, adding that most farmers want cows that are suitable to their
ecological conditions and have high productivity.

Many measures,
including artificial insemination, exist to create good quality
breeders. Artificial insemination is the most effective tools available
to cattle producers to improve productivity and profitability of their
cattle operations, he said.

According to Ho Mong Hai, an expert
at the Livestock Production Department, the country currently lacks both
facilities and human resources to conduct research on animal breeders.

“The country has imported a large amount of high-quality diary cow and
beef-cattle gene sources to meet local demand,” he said.

Because of this, the local industry needs to regularly follow the latest
advances in genetics that allow high productivity. This can reduce
production costs and raise competitiveness, he said.

Joseph, a representative form the US Department of Agriculture, said
demand for milk and higher-quality meat is increasing in Vietnam .

This creates opportunities for the country to further develop higher
quality dairy cows and beef cattle, he said, adding that producers must
acquire breeding expertise and the latest innovative technologies.

At the seminar, two US experts spoke about semen technology, the
newest reproductive technology for the beef industry, and management
practices to increase the conception rate in artificial insemination

The event, organised by the Livestock Production
Department and the Asia-Pacific Dairy Cattle Co Ltd, was attended by
more than 100 delegates, including animal health officials, scientists
and representatives form enterprises.-VNA

By vivian