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Latest Facebook trend in Vietnam

Latest Facebook trend in Vietnam

Author: asiaplus

Facebook is no doubt the most popular and important communication tools in Vietnam. Although there are some increasing trend of moving away from Facebook in the other Asean countries, Vietnam shows no signs of it.

Well, this is no new finding but Vietnamese are quite addicted with Facebook. 47% spends more than 3 hours daily. When it comes to the activities, I see the strong trend of sharing and tagging. 65% male and 70% female share posts, while 56% and 62% tags them independently. 

These active share / tagging cultures have pushed up the number of the connections of Vietnamese. In Vietnam, 44% has more than 400 friends and 13% has more than 1000 friends. This is a big surprise for me as the average number of friends are around 100 in Japan. Half of Vietnamese “would accept” if he/she receives friends’ request from strangers. Unlike the eastern Asian countries, Vietnamese are totally open for the personal information and desire to share and find the new information is stronger than the managing privacy. 

No doubt that this communication is utilised for the business. In average, 37 corp pages are followed by Vietnamese and 43% are regularly influenced by them to become the member or purchase items. Here, Facebook ads are less ignored (than Japan and the other eastern Asian countries) and CPC is low. In addition, the strong culture of share / tagging become the big factors for their decision making of the purchase, as the chart shows 39% are influenced by the information shared/tagged by friends. This strong tagging/sharing culture has created the C2C online shopping cultures through Facebook. 

Now that Facebook is nothing but effective for the product and service communication, it is indispensable to watch the data and improve the KPI. Almost all the information can be visible as statistics. We need to watch them and see the points of improvement to make the communication more effective and attractive.

At last, we had made the infographics of this survey. Please take a look.

Author: asiaplus

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