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How abounding is Tram Be, a banking aristocrat recently arrested?

VietNamNet Bridge – As a owners of a hospital, bonds company, bank and vast properties, Tram Be, a banking tycoon, and his family amassed a outrageous happening until a day he was arrested.

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The military on Aug 1 released a preference to prosecute and detain Tram Be, former clamp chair of Sacombank, for ‘deliberately violating State regulations on mercantile management, causing serious consequences’. 

He was indicted of assisting Pham Cong Danh, VNCB’s former Chairman, take VND1.8 trillion ($79.2 million) from a Vietnam Construction Bank.

Be was famous for his resources before a arrest. He hold 27.6 million Sacombank shares (STB) that had marketplace value of VND352 billion, and 2.65 million Binh Chanh Construction Company’s (BCI) shares, value VND77.3 billion.

Be hold a post of emissary chair of a Phuong Nam Gold, Silver and Gemstone Company (NJC) that has licence collateral of VND450 billion. He was also a member of a residence of directors of private Trieu An General Hospital.

Be’s sons and daughter are also holding outrageous assets. The eldest son Tram Trong Ngan now binds 89.18 million Sacombank shares value VND1.141 trillion. The second son Tram Khai Hoa has Sacombank shares value VND427 billion. Tram Thuyet Kieu, a daughter, has VND346 billion value of Sacombank shares.

Kieu also binds 5 million NJC shares. However, as a association doesn’t list shares on a bourse, it is formidable to consider a value of a shares.

As such, if deliberation a batch resources in BCI and STB, Be and his family members possess scarcely VND2 trillion. 

Be stepped down from a post of emissary chair of Sacombank on Nov 11, 2015.

Besides outrageous resources in Vietnam, Be also warranted large income from investments in genuine estate projects overseas.

In 2009, he spent $64 million to buy a partial of Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino, California in a US.

Sources pronounced that US companies attempted to negotiate with Tram Be for many years to buy Be’s interest in a selling mall, though they failed. The companies enclosed Apple. In 2014, Be motionless to send a skill to partner Sand Hill. 

The sources pronounced after profitable taxation of $36 million, Be brought $80 million to Vietnam, that means he done a distinction of $16 million after 5 years.

Being an successful landowner and abounding male with investments in genuine estate, Be spent a outrageous volume of income to build his house, a biggest of the kind in southern Vietnam.

His building in his home encampment in Tra Vinh range was designed like a pretentious house and flashy with costly items.



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Article source: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/183406/how-rich-is-tram-be–the-banking-tycoon-recently-arrested-.html

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