Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Businesses must facilitate workers’ access to information on labour
issues and corporate social responsibility, said participants at a forum
in Ho Chi Minh City on March 19.

At the forum,
Florian Beranek, chief technical advisor of a project to help Vietnam
’s small- and medium-sized enterprises adopt corporate social
responsibility, said workers are extremely important to the existence
and development of businesses.

However, due to the lack of information they are not aware of their responsibilities and rights, he added.

Meanwhile, senior expert of the Vietnam General Confederation of
Labour (VGCL)’s Legal Policy Department Le Dinh Quang said sharing
information and consultations between workers and business owners have
not yet developed.

Workers know little about their
business’ situation apart from their own tasks, and only 60 percent of
operating businesses have collective labour agreements, he added.

Participants touched upon corporate social responsibility, the
application of the revised 2012 Labour Code, the law on trade unions and
a national scheme on the education of labour laws.-VNA

By vivian