Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

A conference was held in Hanoi on April 12 to discuss changes of
markets in Vietnam from an anthropological viewpoint.

Jointly held by the Vietnam Institute of Ethnology and Max Planck
Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the event focused on the
relations between markets and State’s policies during the renewal (doi
moi) process.

Studying the market from an anthropological angle
is a topic of interest in Vietnam as it is not only a place to
exchange goods and do business but also contains many socio-cultural

Rector of Vietnam Institute of Ethnology Vuong Xuan
Tinh said not many contemporary researchers take interest in studying
the dynamic private trade activities during the period Vietnam
followed the policy of State subsidy.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kristen W.
Endres said that Vietnamese policies for market development are not
appropriate and lack a practical approach, resulted in the failure of
many projects on building modern markets in rural areas-VNA

By vivian