Tue. May 14th, 2024

The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has rejected
the rumour that its Chairman of Board of Directors Tran Bac Ha was

The bank issued a statement on the evening of February 21 saying that the rumour is a fabrication for ill purposes.

“On the morning of February 21, while the management of BIDV was
attending a meeting under the chair of Chairman Tran Bac Ha on the
implementation of its business plan, the Prime Minister’s resolutions
No. 01 and 02/NQ-CP and the State Bank Governor’s 01/CT – NHNN
Directive, a rumour spread that the bank’s leader was arrested,” the
statement said, adding that the rumour had affected the BIDV’s prestige
as well as the Vietnamese securities and financial markets.

Therefore, the bank reported the incident to the Security Department
II under the Ministry of Public Security, which assessed that those who
spread the rumour aimed not only to make profit but also to damage the
financial-banking market.

The bank’s statement
cited Major General Trinh Van Thong, Vice Director of the Security
Department II as saying that the department is investigating the culprit
who started the rumour.

It affirms that the bank is operating normally.-VNA

By vivian