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Around 41,000 apartments sold in HCMC last year

Around 41,000 apartments sold in HCMC last year

The number of apartments sold in HCMC reached roughly 41,000 units last year, almost double that of Hanoi City at 21,000 units, according to the Vietnam Association of Realtors.

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New apartment buildings are seen in HCMC. The city last year saw bustling real estate transactions, with roughly 41,000 housing units finding buyers 

Data of the association shows that around 79,000 apartments found buyers nationwide last year, of which about 62,000 units were sold in Hanoi and HCMC.

HCMC saw the most transactions, with around 41,000 apartments sold, much higher than the number of new apartments put up for sale at 37,000 units. The reason is that around 4,000 unsold apartments in 2016 also found buyers in the city last year.

Medium-priced apartments took the lead with more than 15,500 units sold in the city, followed by luxury apartments with over 12,000 and affordable apartments with 8,500.

Meanwhile, according to the association, the number of apartments offered for sale was more than 34,000 units in Hanoi, but the number of apartments sold reached a modest 21,000, including around 11,000 affordable units, over 8,500 medium-end ones, and around 1,300 luxury ones. 

Statistics also show that roughly 3,500 super luxury apartments were put up for sale in HCMC at VND45 million or more per square meter last year, and as a result, more than 4,500 units, including new and inventory ones, found buyers while no luxury apartment was sold in Hanoi, despite 330 units available for sale.

The association said as many as 218 housing projects which were put up for sale last year offered more than 78,800 apartments, 13,500 townhouses and villas, 22,700 land lots, and 22,800 condotel units.

Notably, condo apartments accounted for the largest proportion on the real estate market, with Hanoi and HCMC making up over 90% of the total.


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