Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Veterans donate objects reflecting Viet Nam-Lao friendship

THAI BINH (VNS)– The Thai Binh provincial museum has received hundreds of artifacts from the war donated by the province’s Association of Vietnamese Veteran Volunteer Soldiers in Laos.

All the objects were collected by Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and military experts who came to support the Lao revolution against the French and continue the fight against American aggression. The objects, which strongly reflect the friendship between Viet Nam and Laos, include those gathered during the country’s doi moi (renewal) period.

The donated items include soldier’s water flasks, strategic maps, and a diary of a Thai Binh native soldier that notes his thoughts and feelings while on a mission in Laos, which is described as Viet Nam’s brother country. Other items include broken pieces of megalithic jars that were collected after a battle on the “Plain of Jars” – an archaeological region in Xieng Khouang Province in Lao which is home to thousands of ancient stone jars.

In addition, nearly 200 photos depicting the friendship between soldiers and people of the two countries were also given to the museum. – VNS

By vivian