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Life goes on in isolated hospital

Life goes on in isolated hospital

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Some 3,500 patients have been locked down in Bach Mai Hospital since March 28, including 800 in a serious condition, following an outbreak of COVID-19 with 25 cases confirmed so far.

Despite being In isolation, medical staff and doctors are carrying on with their daily routines, and their spirits are high as they fight the invisible virus.

Photos by doctors and nurses from Bạch Mai Hospital and reporters from Việt Nam News:

The entrance of Bạch Mai Hospital in Hà Nội. Photo Mạnh Hoàng


There are fewer people inside the hospital these days but doctors and nurses are much busier. Photo Đăng Tú


Essential goods are transferred to the hospital to supply people locked inside. Photo Đăng Tú


Doctors and nurses still work normally with the highest care for virus prevention. Photo Võ Thị Thanh


A nurse helps a patient at the Rehab Centre. Photo Đăng Tú


A nurse serves a meal to a patient. Photo Đăng Tú


Medical staff have to take quick meals and naps. Photo Đăng Tú


A nurse takes a nap during a long shift. Photo Đăng Tú


Medical staff at the Rehab Centre remain in good spirits. Photo Võ Thị Thanh


Medical staff inside the hospital in a yoga session after work. Photo Võ Thị Thanh


A field hospital set up in the hospital’s grounds to preparing for the worse scenario. Photo courtesy of Bạch Mai Hospital



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