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Former Việt Nam Idol contestant returns to music

Former Việt Nam Idol contestant returns to music



Singer Bùi Nguyễn Trung Quân, who placed in the top eight of Việt Nam Idol 2010, released a new music video early this month after a three-year break from the industry.

Reporter Quang Đức from interviews Quân about the new video and his work. 

Why did it take you three years to release something new?

I planned to have a break in 2017 because I had mental problems. It was not serious but it made me feel up and down. I have bipolar disorder. Sometimes I did not know the reason. It wouldn’t  have been okay if I didn’t get treatment. 

I met a doctor and he told me that it was not depression and that I should keep calm. 

That made me to decide to take a break. Later, upheavals came to me and they made me upset. I did not have emotion enough to sing. 

What did you do during that time?

I did not create a music production but I still performed. I spent time learning how to play and take care of instruments, things I thought I would never learn. 

And there was a time that it was easier for me to make a cake than to record a song in studio. 

One time, I came into the studio for recording but I found that I did not have emotions to sing. I left the studio. 

What can you tell us about the new music video?

I promise my audience that I will have new rainy song every year. But I think that I would make the audience bored if I sing only rainy songs. 

Plus, I have not found a new rainy song which can inspire me. 

Musician Vương Anh Tú composed a new song for me in the music video. It is not exactly about rain. It is about love. 

I got the song a long time ago and I wanted to make the song the best it could be. It is my best ever music video because I did not have much money. However, the music market now is quite different. It needs high-end sound and visual as well. 

I invested nearly VNĐ1 billion (US$43,000) into the production including paying five times to arrange the song. 

How do you feel when you made the video?

I’m not as nervous as I used to be. Honestly, I sang very nervously in the past even with my hits. I always sing with the fear of being criticised. 

I often read comments on social networks. So, one day when I came back home I read the comments and I couldn’t sleep.

Obviously, it is normal to some people. But it is not for me. I cannot be indifferent when anyone says something about me.

Since I was a child I was loved and pampered by my parents so how can I calm down when I read scornful words on social networks? I used to be afraid of social networks. 

I am a carefree person, not strong. People easily think that I am indifferent and careless. But I’m not. I’m very sensitive.

So I never want to get entangled in scandals. Scandals made me confused and I did not know how to explain myself.

Finally, I realised that I am in a showbiz and I have to face scandals and overcome them. Life is like a carpet which can be on the ground but also on a rock.

You can’t expect a happy life forever. You have fun and you also have sadness later. That’s the rule. 

What have you learned in your time in showbiz?

When I was a child my parents taught me that when I did something wrong I couldn’t do it again.

After scandals related to social networks I am now more cautious. Scandals made me lose confidence in life and hesitate to have contact with people. It made people think that I was haughty. Actually I lived in my shell.

However, the audience still remembers me because they like my voice. I’m lucky for that. 

Why have you not made the same efforts to become a star as other Vietnam Idol alumni?

I think I am not suitable to become a star. I am also not strong enough to be on top. I don’t want to approach the highest position. 

I’m saving money to make an album and have a concert. Discouragement is my weak point. 

Veteran composer Quốc Trung told me that if I was not discouraged I would be more successful. 

But I think that the key is timing. I will do something at the right time. I am not driven by other people because it is enough for me. 

What did Việt Nam Idol give to you?

I have a bigger audience, a house, and a car. I can travel anywhere that I want. 

I was born to a rural family. I did not have supporters. All rural people want to settle down in HCM City. But an audience is also important for an artist. 

I think I am lucky to be favoured by the audience. Some artists have not experienced this despite performing for many years. — VNS

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