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Artworks to be displayed in Ninh Bình

Artworks to be displayed in Ninh Bình


Đồng Vọng Hoa Lư exhibition features works by renowned Vietnamese sculptors nationwide. — Photo

NINH BÌNH — An exhibition featuring artworks that resulted from a creativity camp will begin at Tam Tốc Centre in Hoa Lư District in the northern province of Ninh Bình today.

Organised by Đá Việt Hồng Quang Limited Company, the Đồng Vọng Hoa Lư exhibition showcases 18 sculptures made of stone from Ninh Bình Province, 19 traditional lacquer paintings and a series of paintings decorating the ceiling arches and two clusters of multi-material installations.

The works are the brainchildren of 13 renowned contemporary artists from many provinces, including two painters and 11 sculptors.

According to the organisers, the event aims to honour the traditional craft of stone carving in Ninh Vân Commune and create opportunities to exchange experience and develop skill between the artists and artisans from the commune.

The works will be exhibited for three months.

Earlier, Đá Việt Hồng Quang Limited Company organised a creativity camp also entitled Đồng Vọng Hoa Lư in which the participating artists worked with local artisans while experiencing local culture, studying the exhibiting areas, adjusting sketches and creating works from stone.

The sculptors created works at the workshop of the company in Ninh Vân Commune in co-ordination with local artisans and technicians from April 20 to May 31.

Hoa Lư District was the first capital of the central feudal state in Việt Nam, which preserves the imprints of the dynasties of Đinh, Tiền Lê and Lý and was the starting point of stabilising the capital in present-day Hà Nội. The district is also located in the centre of Tràng An world heritage site, endowed with many famous natural landscapes.

Ninh Vân Commune, located in Hoa Lư District, is renowned for traditional stone carving works created by skilled artisans, which are present in many historical and religious buildings nationwide.

In the past two decades, Ninh Vân traditional stone carving has strongly developed. The craft has not only brought about economic values ​​but also contributed to restoring the cultural identity of Hoa Lư ancient capital.

To promote the traditional craft of the region, an art and cultural programme has been launched by Hồng Quang Art & Gems Stone Centre, under Đá Việt Hồng Quang Limited Company, divided into several phases within 10 years.

The first phase started with the Đồng Vọng Hoa Lư creativity camp. — VNS


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