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A day at dog school

A day at dog school

A woman takes her dog to the centre for training.
Viet Nam News

Trương Vị

The PDS Dog Training Centre in Gia Lâm District was set up by the Hà Nội Agriculture University, PDS Company and other agencies.

The centre conducts research on tracker dogs as well as training for State-owned agencies and students from the university.

The centre has completed various courses to trains dogs to hunt rats and protect crops, guard forests and hunt for termite nests to protect dykes.

The centre is co-operating with domestic and foreign agencies in Germany, the US, Russia, Japan, China and Thailand.

The centre also offers training services with the most up-to-date programmes.

Training course may last from a few weeks to three months in either Vietnamese and English. — VNS

Raring to go: A Malinois dog gets training.
Hands on: Dog trainers have to understand each breed of dog to train them properly.
Dogs of various breeds are trained during the same session.
Balancing act: Both enterprises and families can send their dogs to the centre.
Vocation: Training and caring for dogs has become a potential job over the past few years.
Getting to grips: Dogs are trained with the most up-to-date cirriculum.

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